Allergic to Essential Oils?

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allergy-no-thanksDespite what is quoted over and over in Dr. David Stewart’s book, “Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”, about essential oils not containing proteins, therefore we can not have an allergic reaction to them, people are still having reactions that look like rashes after using certain essential oils.

Essential Oil discussion boards are quick to offer definite reasons why someone got a rash after using an essential oil. Two of the most over used reasons are:

1.  Must be detoxing. That’s assuming someone is using an authentic essential oil vs. an adulterated essential oil. People are often told that the rash is normal because the essential oil is doing its job by either negating the lotions and soaps that are found on the skin or they are detoxing the chemicals from the body.

2. Must be allergic to the vegetable carrier oil used to dilute the essential oil. Vegetable oils do contain proteins and one might be having a reaction to the vegetable carrier oil.

While sometimes these reasons may be the case that someone gets a rash after using essential oils, there is still another and more likely possibility.  Dr. Gary Young, in the video below, teaches how a sulfur deficiency can look like an allergic reaction to the phenols in essential oils.  After optimizing sulfur levels with Sulfurzyme, many people are able to return to using essential oils without having reactions.  Even those who are allergic to Sulfur report they are able to take Sulfurzyme with no problems.

If you know you can benefit from essential oils but are getting a rash from them, try Sulfurzyme for a few months like instructed to in the video, and then give essential oils a try again. You just might be able to get the results with essential oils you were looking for after all.  Woo Hoo!

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Essential oils make it easier to enforce boundaries and tell others “no”

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I love Cheryl Richardson because she takes big problems and breaks them down into little, tiny manageable bits. I can look at little “bit” and find it more manageable to overcome than get overwhelmed at everything it will take to complete a big problem. Her book, Life Makeovers, gives you one task per week to master to reach your goal to become your authentic you. You can never be happy when you are an imposter.

Since then, I have liked books like the The Love Dare from the movie Fireproof that required mastering only a small task before moving onto another task. One gets a sense of accomplishment when they mark things off their to-do list. This sense of accomplishment is great for self image because it makes us want to achieve more. We feel great about what we have accomplished which makes us want to do more.

I was still in my 20s when I learned the art of saying “no”. I was taking time away from my family to do projects for the school PTA, to babysit for friends, to stuff envelopes for a friend’s business, or hide my parenting beliefs from my mother-in-law. I learned to ask myself why I was agreeing to do these things. If I genuinely wanted to help the person and was not sacrificing family time to do it, then I would agree to do it. If I found myself agreeing to help someone so I wouldn’t hurt their feelings or so that they would be impressed with my skills, then I would tell my friend that I wouldn’t help them. If I found myself helping for the wrong reasons, then I would tell the person I couldn’t help them.

An excerpt from Cheryl Richardson’s current book, The Art Of Extreme Self Care, gives you exact phrases you can tell your friends and associates when you choose to enforce your boundaries by saying “no”.  One that I adopted in my 20s and is authentic for me to say is, “Not this time, but remember me for another time.” For me, that means, I honestly can’t help you this time because I am being true to myself and my family right now, but my schedule may be different in the future and I may be able to help and want to help later on.

This year may mean doing just one thing consistently and mastering it. Saying “no” and getting used to disappointing others may just be what you need to master now in order to move onto bigger tasks next year. I chose to start saying “no” to associates first. PTA board members were associates of mine and not necessarily dear to me like my mother-in-law. So while I was making myself stronger and stronger enforcing my boundaries, I was practicing on people who would not always be in my life. This gave me the courage to practice on my friends by telling them “no” that I wouldn’t babysit for them if I truly didn’t want to that day. After several months, I was able to enforce my boundaries with my mother-in-law in how my husband and I felt about disciplining our children.

I was grateful I learned this because I taught people to respect me instead of teaching them to take advantage of me. It built my self confidence and it helped me to ask myself, “Why am I agreeing to do this? Is it so someone else will like my skills or is it because this task will bring me joy by serving others or because it will avoid a fight with my mother-on-law?” I learned that I was not afraid of situations where someone may potentially get upset with me, I was afraid I wouldn’t enforce my boundaries in those situations.

Enforcing boundaries is an important part of progressing through life. We can only master one goal line by line and precept upon precept. Let’s commit today so we have the self confidence to move onto other goals. If we don’t start today, we will be in this same situation next year. We will still have the disease to please next year instead of enjoying being our authentic selves.

Essential oil blends make this process so much easier. Put 2-3 drops of Release over the bottom right rib where the liver is located to help dispel old attitudes and barriers. Then choose an oil blend from the list below by the way the name of the oil sounds to you. For example, if when you read over this whole list, and Magnify Your Purpose stands out to you and almost seems like it’s telling you “pick me”, then place a drop of that oil on your chest over your heart and another drop on your temples. Smell the bottle deeply. Do this again throughout the day as you feel that the oil is wearing off. You’ll know that it is wearing off because your body shifts from a higher frequency which makes you feel good to a lower frequency which makes you feel run down and bummed again.

Acceptance #3303
Awaken #3312
Common Sense
Dream Catcher #3330
Forgiveness #3339
Gratitude #3346
Highest Potential #3373
Humility #3354
Joy #3372

Live With Passion
Magnify Your Purpose #3377
Release #3408

Sacred Mountain

Three Wise Men #3426
Transformation #3646

White Angelica

It makes us happy being our authentic selves. May I commend you and applaud you for doing this for yourself! You are worth it!

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I’m always looking for essential oil success stories so I was so grateful to stumble on this one. I put “frankincense” into the YouTube search engine, and this video happened to be attached at the end of another video.

Some wonderful woman, whose name I found out later on is Misty, took compassion on this man suffering from Basal Cell Carcinoma and shared her essential oils with him. This is beautiful to me for two reasons:

1. She KNOWS Young Living essential oils are tested for purity and that they really do heal so she had complete faith that if this man used her oils according to her instructions, he would be healed.

2. She gave away her family’s stash of oils to help someone else. If her family had had an emergency, she would not have had enough oils left to help her family. (After my daughter had a severe concussion and 10 days later my son broke his nose, I keep enough stash for future emergencies.)

The end of the video includes an email address where you can ask the author more about the essential oils used to heal this man’s hand. I emailed Misty and asked her what oils she used and what company of oils she used. This screen shot shows a portion of our email thread. If you click on the screen shot, it will open open into another window as a bigger image so you can read it.

The Protocol Part I

As the video below and the email above indicate, Misty instructed her friend to use 2 to 3 drops of Thyme Essential Oil from Young Living 2 to 3 times a day. Thyme contains the compound thymol which can make the skin feel like its burning so she covered the wound with olive oil. The olive oil helped keep the essential oil from flashing off so quickly, kept the wound moist, and relieved the sensation that the Thyme oil was burning the skin. (Tiffany’s note: while essential oils rich in thymol give the sensation they are burning, it is only a sensation and is not damaging to skin tissue. Some people experience a temporary rash and irritation, but Young Living’s Thyme essential oil is not toxic and does not damage tissue.) The man was then instructed to cover the entire area with a bandage. The video shows how quickly the cancer progressed in healing.

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Pulling a tooth-Essential Oils make the process smoother

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Gabrielle (Gabby) is our fourth child of seven kids. She is our drama child. She is the one that thinks everything is a ten alarm fire. So when the dentist told her to pull her tooth, Tom and I knew there would be a ton of drama.

My side of the family tends to get adult teeth that grow behind the baby tooth wedging it forward till it falls out. When Gabby was ten years old, she did not pull out her baby tooth when it was loose. Therefore, it became fixed in the gums again. The adult tooth was continuing to wedge it forward.

At her six-month checkup, the dentist told her that the baby tooth needed to be pulled. If Gabby didn’t pull it out soon, then the dentist would have to. Gabby trusts her dad so she wanted him to pull it instead of sitting in the dentist’s chair. I’m glad she made this choice because she would feel calmer about her dad helping her; it would be less trauma on her body than the force the dentist would use with her tools and anesthetics; and it would save us the extra expense of having a tooth pulled.

We decided to use clove oil which contains eugenol to numb her gums. Eugenol has been used in dentistry for hundreds of years. She finally decided one night that she was ready, so her dad (Tom) comforted her and began.

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