allergy-no-thanksDespite what is quoted over and over in Dr. David Stewart’s book, “Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”, about essential oils not containing proteins, therefore we can not have an allergic reaction to them, people are still having reactions that look like rashes after using certain essential oils.

Essential Oil discussion boards are quick to offer definite reasons why someone got a rash after using an essential oil. Two of the most over used reasons are:

1.  Must be detoxing. That’s assuming someone is using an authentic essential oil vs. an adulterated essential oil. People are often told that the rash is normal because the essential oil is doing its job by either negating the lotions and soaps that are found on the skin or they are detoxing the chemicals from the body.

2. Must be allergic to the vegetable carrier oil used to dilute the essential oil. Vegetable oils do contain proteins and one might be having a reaction to the vegetable carrier oil.

While sometimes these reasons may be the case that someone gets a rash after using essential oils, there is still another and more likely possibility.  Dr. Gary Young, in the video below, teaches how a sulfur deficiency can look like an allergic reaction to the phenols in essential oils.  After optimizing sulfur levels with Sulfurzyme, many people are able to return to using essential oils without having reactions.  Even those who are allergic to Sulfur report they are able to take Sulfurzyme with no problems.

If you know you can benefit from essential oils but are getting a rash from them, try Sulfurzyme for a few months like instructed to in the video, and then give essential oils a try again. You just might be able to get the results with essential oils you were looking for after all.  Woo Hoo!

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Break the smoking addictionQuitting smoking doesn’t have to be hard. Breaking the chains is possible when you have an action plan. I’d like to share the basics I share with my clients who have beat smoking in an average of two weeks.

1. TAKE YOUR TIME. Don’t set a deadline. Don’t set a New Year’s Resolution. This just creates anxiety and sets you up for failure which causes you more stress and makes you want to light up again. You will quit smoking so does it matter if you did it in one weekend, three months, or two weeks? No! The only thing that matters is that you are gentle and kind to yourself during this process.

2. THROW OUT THE OLD MINDSET THAT YOU JUST NEED ENOUGH “WILL POWER”. Will Power is crap. You need a plan in place when you don’t feel motivated, when you don’t feel energized, and when you don’t care and want to give up. Keep reading, when you follow this plan below, you will know what to expect and you will feel prepared to manage when the triggers take place. Your plan will get you through those trying times when Will Power left town.

3. CLEAN THE LIVER. Yep, no matter what the addiction is- smoking, sugar cravings, illegal drugs, addiction to drama, coffee- the addiction is located in the liver. So when you clean the liver, the cravings go away on their own. Your liver accumulated slowly over time the toxins of cigarettes, pipes, sodas, emotions or caffeine. This accumulation of toxins congested the liver and caused it to run sluggishly. A sluggish liver can’t break down toxins. When the toxins aren’t expelled, their presence becomes so familiar from day to day that we crave them.

This knowledge makes it so easy to eliminate any addiction. It’s easy to de-congest the liver. People want an easy fix of just popping pills. Just pop some essential oils into a capsule twice a day and the liver will convert the limonene from the essential oil into glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant that the body uses to detox itself. Once the toxins are gone, you won’t feel their familiar presence from day to day, which means you won’t crave them anymore.

It can take up to three months or longer for someone to de-congest their liver, but just taking two capsules a day (one in the morning and one at night) of essential oils high in limonene targeted to liver health can have such a rapid benefit that most people lose cravings within two weeks. That means that enough toxins have been digested by the oils that they no longer exist. Less toxins means the liver has more energy to do its job.

Young Living combines the essential oils of helichrysum, ledum and celery seed in a blend called JuvaCleanse targeted for liver health. Each of these oils alone contain limonene, but their synergy together is like computing 1+1=3. Except, more like 1+1=10. Other people have used other essential oils containing limonene like tangerine or orange oil. Our nutrient infusion drink, Ningxia Red, also contains essential oils that contain limonene.

4. CREATE A NEW MUSCLE MEMORY. You have done the same thing over and over so many times that your muscles created a memory of how to do this action all by itself without you even thinking about it anymore.  That’s how habits are born. Muscle memory is a good thing when it comes to turning off the light when you leave the room without even thinking about it anymore or buckling your seat belt before you pull out of the driveway. So all you have to do to replace a bad habit is do a positive action over and over creating a new memory that overrides the old destructive memory/habit.

This is where your action plan comes in to place. When you are prepared, you can remember your action plan immediately and take positive action when life’s triggers make you want to light up.  But, you’ve been lighting up for so long that sometimes you don’t even need a trigger to automatically light up. You may be in the habit of waking up and enjoying a smoke with your morning coffee. It’s just automatic now. You may just automatically excuse yourself from your office at the same time everyday to enjoy a smoke. No matter the reason, you have been doing the same thing over and over for so long, that your muscles automatically want to light up without you even thinking about it anymore.

So now you have to think of what you want to do instead of lighting up. What action are you prepared to do to replace the motion of your hand going up to your mouth? Some people choose to chew gum, some people suck on cinnamon tooth picks, and some people chew on an ink pen. This is not what we are talking about when it comes to being prepared because all you are doing is replacing one bad habit with another bad habit. You don’t want to chew on ink pens for so long that your muscles do it for now on without your brain even thinking about it anymore.

This whole process is about being kind and gentle to yourself. But, you have to get serious and face the music too. You’ve been avoiding dealing with emotions by enjoying the energetic buzz and mellowed feeling you get from nicotine. Now, you have to be true to yourself and decide that non-smokers manage emotional reactions to triggers in healthier ways. This is good news! Applaud yourself that you are making the shift to someone who is emotionally mature and who is a non-smoker.  While you learn how to get used to allowing yourself kindness and gentleness, here are a few things to make the journey easier.

A. Tell yourself, “I am a non-smoker”. Just think in your mind right now what that means. What does a non-smoker look like? They don’t offend people in public with their stinky smoke. They don’t have to excuse themselves missing parts of an event to go outside and smoke. They don’t cough with that distinctive disruptive deep-from-the-chest sound. Their clothes and hair don’t stink. They don’t cause people to have asthma attacks through second-hand smoke. You are already getting a more positive image of how you feel about yourself just saying, “I am a non-smoker.” Now your muscle memory is not going to believe this in the beginning because it’s been hearing for so long, “I am a smoker”. So be kind to yourself by acknowledging that you only have to get through “this” craving right now. You’ll get through the next craving later on. You don’t have to get through weeks and months of cravings right now, just this one. But, once you do all these tips in this article simultaneously, you’ll see that getting through the present craving is easy compared to all your other attempts to quit smoking.

B. Train your mind to redirect. Just decide you don’t let triggers rent space in your head. Decide that you are going to evict thoughts, emotions and reactions that cause you to feel angry, rejected, depressed, resistant, etc. Emotions follow thoughts so if you aren’t thinking a thought, you can’t feel the following emotion. So evict thoughts that are explosive, inflammatory and cause you to feel awful about yourself. When you catch yourself reacting to someone who irritates you or who has wronged you, choose to use your action plan to think of something that does bring you joy or makes your brain smile.

Here are some of the things my clients do:
1. One man thinks of playing basketball with Kobe Bryant. He make believes he is an agile ball player giving Kobe worthy competition and high-fiving him after a game.
2. Another man thinks of his grandkids and being able to play with them without coughing. He likes the image in his head of being able to push them on the merry-go-round watching the kids laugh for long periods of time.
3. One woman thinks of the love her Savior has for her.
4. One woman thinks of landscaping plans in her head. She creates beautiful yards and gardens whose colors and scents bring her so much joy.
5. One teenager starts singing his favorite rock song.
6. One woman likes how yoga replaces the relaxing feeling she got from smoking.

You get the idea. Think of something now that you enjoy so you are prepared to think about it when you want to redirect instead of lighting up. You can get rid of the cravings, and you can create a new muscle memory, but you can pick up smoking again in the future if you don’t learn how to manage your emotions. Emotions follow thoughts so change what you are thinking about. Besides, its you who are in your head making yourself miserable thinking those things. Be kind to yourself and only let happy things take rent in your head.

C. Diffuse the emotional charge of triggers with essential oils. Everything has a frequency which it vibrates at. A low frequency makes us feel unable to cope. Essential oil blends like Release and Forgiveness applied over the liver  raise your frequency. It makes it difficult to feel down when your frequency is high. Some people use the blend Joy over their hearts to raise their frequency. They feel so much better instantly. Some people like Hope and Harmony on their ear lobes. Some people like White Angelica on their shoulders. Find a blend you like and put it where you intuitively want to put it. Enjoy the upliftment. This makes it easier to endure a craving and it helps with redirecting your thoughts to those that serve your higher good.

D. Drink 4-6 ounces of Ningxia Red. Simply giving yourself an energy boost gives the body what it needs to resist temptation. Besides, you need nutrition for all your body systems to work optimally any way.

E. Press a drop of clove oil to the roof of your mouth. Make a bottle of diluted clove oil and keep it in your pocket at all times. Clove oil was traditionally used in cigarettes to cut the taste of nicotine. It has been banned in America and replaced with peppermint oil which is why we now have menthol cigarettes. Clove oil by itself cuts the taste of nicotine making you dislike the taste of cigarettes. Pressing clove oil to the roof of your mouth also soothes emotions as the roof of the mouth is the quickest way to the emotion center of the brain. Just put some on your thumb and press your thumb to the roof of your mouth. You can create a new muscle memory of disliking the taste of cigarettes after using clove oil enough times. You will also create a new habit that is emotionally soothing. Some people use peppermint oil because it replaces the brain buzz they get from cigarettes. Sniff peppermint oil, put it on the base of your skull, drink it in water, or press it diluted to the roof of your mouth. WOW.

F. Ramp up your brain nutrition. The brain is severely depleted of nutrients when exposed to long periods of stress. It was never designed to endure years and years of being taxed by your triggers. The brain needs Omega Fats and B Vitamins. Young Living offers OmegaGize to provide the necessary fats and Ningxia Nitro for many brain foods including B Vitamins. Ningxia Red also gives the brain the support it needs to endure the stress we impose on it daily. You will need to ramp up your nutrition while you are getting in the practice of implementing your redirecting techniques. People have quit smoking alone just by drinking Ningxia Red.

Quitting smoking requires more than just stopping the movement from the hand to the mouth. It requires a plan that covers emotional and physical support too. As you supplement the body with the building blocks it needs, and as you reduce the stress to your mind and soul, you will have good habits in place so that long after the liver is de-congested, you will have made healthy life-style changes that will keep you from slipping back into old habits.

I commend you and salute you as a future non-smoker. It won’t be long now.


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1. Muscle Pain: Once I heard Melissa Blaske, who attended the Idaho Blue Spruce Harvest in 2012, talk about soaking in the hot tub with Idaho Blue Spruce flora water and having her sore muscle relieved from a long day of hard work, I knew I wanted this oil for my massage clients. Sure enough, Idaho Blue Spruce has replaced five to eight different oils I normally keep on hand for muscle issues. I just sprinkle it over the concerned muscle, smooth it in, and the oil does most of the work so I don’t have to work as long. This helps the client’s pain and mobility levels, but it also saves my hands and body mechanics as a massage therapist. It goes down deep so I don’t have to.

2. Nerve Pain: I put three drops of IBS dotted just in front of my ear all the way down to my chin for nerve pain during a tooth infection and after tooth extraction which had damaged the nerve. No other oil or combinations of oils even came close to bringing my level 10 pain down to a zero. They could get it to a 3 or 2, but never completely relieve the pain.

3. Bell’s Palsy pain: I shared this oil with my friend, Serenity, who has Bell’s Palsy and after 30 minutes we checked her pain level. She commented that the swelling went down in her cheek and that she noticed no pain.

4.  Male testosterone levels: Dr. Purser reported that after two weeks of taking eight drops of IBS by capsule once a day, men raised their testosterone levels by 30%. So when my 75-year old father-in-law moved in with us, I gave him 3 drops in a capsule once a day. By day nine, his testicles had descended. Think about it, when an infant boy is born, the doctor (or midwife) checks to make sure his testicles descended from his body cavity. With age, testicles can shrink or even retract back up inside the body’s cavity. I know this is TMI (too much information), but when he lived in the nursing home and I was being taught how to position him for diaper changes, I wondered if he even had any testicles. So I was impressed that Idaho Blue Spruce raised his testosterone levels and longevity in such a short amount of time.  I am writing this article five months after he moved in with us and he still has healthy sized and descended testicles.
Check out this video to learn more about how this practitioner is using Idaho Blue Spruce with her hormone clients.

5. Post Nasal Drip: As a result of taking three drops of Idaho Blue Spruce in a capsule for raising my father-in-law’s testosterone levels, his Post Nasal Drip disappeared. Now, the drip comes back if he misses his capsules two days straight, but with daily usage, our family no longer gags at the dinner table when grandpa sniffs every few seconds.

6.  Spirituality: Idaho Blue Spruce is actually called Colorado Blue Spruce. But because it grows in Idaho and is harvested and distilled in Idaho, Gary Young calls his product Idaho Blue Spruce. The Native Americans would take the needles from the Colorado Blue Spruce and put them in the fires of their tee pees to increase spirituality. I, too, get this same raised level of spirituality when I put two drops of this oil on my chest. I feel closer to my Heavenly Father and I also feel I am better able to hear His answers to my prayers.

7.  Sexual Pleasure: Speaking of putting this oil on my chest. This oil smells amazing. Therefore, it only takes one partner to put it on themselves for the other partner to smell it and get a benefit from it. It increases the spiritual closeness and bond between lovers which then raises the physical sexual pleasure. Both partners can be aroused faster too. The peak and climax are higher than with any other oil I have experienced in the bedroom. I do not recommend this oil for one-night stands because it does increase the bond between lovers. This oil would send a confusing message to someone you are not interested in having a long-term relationship with.  I put two drops on my chest and my husband gets enough with the residue I still have on my hands during fore play. That’s all I’m going to say about that. (Is it just me, or is it hot in here?)

8.  Regenerate the Spinal Column: When news got back from Young Living’s 2013 Convention that this oil was being used in studies on the spinal column, I began using and suggesting this oil for my autistic followers (read the disclaimer at the bottom of this website). Here is the article I wrote about healing the vagal nerve to reverse autistic-type symptoms. Since the vagal nerve deposits into the spinal column, it just makes sense to use Idaho Blue Spruce for kids with autism.

9.  Weight Loss: Idaho Blue Spruce contains citral which is used to reduce brown fat. That’s the internal fat that occupies space where your organs belong. That means its pushing your organs out of place causing a lot of discomfort.  I used citral in Lemon Myrtle to get rid of brown fat and I could not believe how free my body felt when my ribs, stomach, lungs, heart, pancreas and liver had more room to move around. It really taught me a lot about different types of fat. I would use 3-5 drops in a capsule once a day. That’s what I did with Lemon Myrtle which is a strong oil that can cause discomfort when you take too much.

10. It has a frequency of 428 mhz. That now makes Rose oil look wimpy at 320.

11. Profound Emotional Clearing: Read this article about how Jeanette used this oil to help her reverse the self hatred that she believes caused her to acquire breast cancer. She does a great job teaching how the vibration of emotions affect our health. It just makes sense to use the high frequency of Idaho Blue Spruce to counter the low negative frequencies of self-destructive emotions.  Jeanette made this PDF to go with it so you can do this exercise yourself. I’d like to thank Jeanette for discussing something so intimate and vulnerable.
In the video below, you can watch how this exercise is demonstrated.

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I don’t really like labels for nutritional deficiencies. Let’s just call Hyperactivity what it really is: A mineral deficiency.

When the nervous system doesn’t get its basic nutrients which are a B Complex, Magnesium, and a hormone called pregnenalone, several things can happen. In a hyperactive child, mineral deficiency looks like:

-A child who squirms a lot.
-A child who won’t stay seated in a chair.
-Climbs at inappropriate times.
-Feels restless.
-Has trouble playing quietly.
-Acts like their internal motor won’t stop.
-May talk too much.
-Cry at inappropriate times.
-Have melt downs.

As with any nutritional deficiency, once you give the body what it is has been lacking, the symptoms automatically disappear. So, a child isn’t hyperactive, they are just suffering the result of not having the nutrients that their nervous system needs to perform optimally.

In the video below, you will see how we comforted the nervous system with RutaVaLa roll on because the Valerian content acts like a tranquilizer to the nerves, Peace and Calming to also comfort the nerves, and Mineral Essence for the Magnesium Content. Because my daughter is three-years old, she can not swallow magnesium capsules or a nasty-tasting liquid supplement so we used Mineral Essence as a lotion. The body easily absorbed it and transported it to the nerves. Within five minutes, my daughter is a different child.

Feed the need and the symptoms disappear on their own.

Click here to get to the Autism Archives mentioned in the video.

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