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I have been experimenting with Young Living products that contain Valerian essential oil for gray hair. It all started one night in December when I was checking my face for any new blemishes. Pushing my hair back so I could inspect my forehead,  I got excited when I saw new brown hair coming in at the hairline instead of the gray ones that have been coming in the past few years. I started moving around sections of hair to see if brown hair was coming in on other parts of my scalp too. Honestly, I didn’t know if brown hair was pushing out gray hair on my scalp at that time or not, but I got excited about the possibility that it was. I do know for a fact that I had more new brown hairs coming in at the hairline compared to gray ones, and that has not been the case in the last four years. Every January I get new growths that come in (I call it molting) and grow out longer during the year. For the past three Januarys, my hair has come in 90% (in my estimate) gray.

How I figured out Valerian was responsible for my new younger hair

When so much hair was coming in brown, I had to ask myself what I was doing differently that was causing the change. I traced it back to my continued use of Valerian essential oil in one Young Living product or another. I don’t remember the order in which I was trying these products, but I was just using what I had left of each one on my shelf. I only had a little bit left of each product before it ran out. Each little bit lasted me about a week, and then I’d use up the next product I had on my shelf that contained Valerian.

I started out using Vetiver and Valerian by capsule when I was hospitalized with a fibroid in October. You can read that protocol here. These oils not only helped with the pain, but they also helped settle the trauma my body was having so I could fall asleep and sleep deeply, and they also removed the emotional stress I was having that was keeping my body agitated so that I couldn’t sleep.

When I ran out of Valerian, I used my daughter’s purple heartbreak oil to help me sleep at night (you can read here why she calls it that), which was the RutaVaLa Roll On. At some point our family ran out of RutaVaLa Roll On, so I used up the end of the bottle of CortiStop for Women that was still on the shelf (by the way, CortiStop does not contain Valerian, but it does work on cortisol. Also at this time I was experimenting with Life 5 for fibroids). That lasted about a week and then I used the rest of a bottle of Sleep Essence. So now that all the Valerian products were gone, I needed to place another order for anything with Valerian in it. Sleep Essence is cheaper than putting Valerian in capsules so I decided to put Sleep Essence on my autoship order for now on. I had to declare my stress an emergency so that I would force myself to spend the money on me to take care of my stress levels. Since then, I made sure I always have Sleep Essence on my shelf.

Valerian works like Valium or Halcion

According to author Shawn M Talbott, PhD, “It is unclear which of Valerian’s numerous compounds is the true active ingredient, but the combination of compounds appears to work together in the brain in a manner similar to the action of prescription tranquilizers such as Valium and Halcion.”

Sleep Essence the perfect sleeping pill

I had come to love Sleep Essence a while back when experimenting with it for sleep compared to the Super Cal I was taking to induce sleep and remain in a deep sleep. Because I listen to my body, I knew that if I drank too much soda, my eyes the next morning would feel tight like they had shrunk overnight. Certain chocolate candies have enough caffeine in them to do the same thing to my eyes. I have lots of clues that my body gives me when it tells me it doesn’t like junk food, but this shrinking feeling with my eyes is the biggest clue for me that I have abused my body too far. (Notice how I said “too far”. Like abusing my body isn’t bad enough.) Sleep Essence not only induced sleep within 30 minutes of taking it, but it also caused a deep sleep for many hours, and I had vivid dreams which meant I was reaching Stage IV sleep, I didn’t wake up groggy and I didn’t wake up with tight eyes after I had an entire bag of candy with a Dr. Pepper.

This was huge for me. What an amazing blend of essential oils in Sleep Essence that could totally negate how I was harming my eyes. So since I did that experiment a while back, I knew I needed it when dealing with the stress of my broken family that was also causing painful flareups with my fibroid too.

Back to the gray hair experiment

So not only is it bringing down the physical stress in my body, but Sleep Essence is also blocking excess levels of cortisol in my body from aging me faster than I should be aging. Thus, Sleep Essence is slowing down the rate that cortisol is causing me to grow gray hair.

So, in conclusion, stress raises cortisol levels, excess cortisol creates all kinds of havoc on the body including speeding up the rate of aging, rapid aging causes gray hair, and Valerian works on cells that produce seratonin, seratonin is an antidepressant and so seratonin reduces my stress levels, and my lower stress levels reduce high levels of cortisol which then reduces the amount of gray hair I’m growing. Very cool, huh!

Gray hair was a wake up call for me. If my outside body is aging this quickly, then I can only imagine what the inside of my body looks like. I’m glad I declared me an emergency so that I would spend the money on Sleep Essence. Not only are my outsides reversing aging, but so are my insides. Sleep Essence allows me to remove the stress I cause to my body.

Check out this progress video I made showing my cool, new, one-inch brown hairs coming in amid all the gray hairs that dominate my hairline.

One of my followers on my Facebook page called “I’ve Got An Oil For That” said that she noticed her gray hair was coming back after going off Sleep Essence. After we had a discussion going about Valerian, she said she was ordering more that same night.

Another Facebook follower pointed out that coloring your hair is the same cost as two bottles of Sleep Essence a month. So why not keep the toxins from the hair dye off your brain and spend your money on Sleep Essence instead. You’ll not only push back aging, but you’ll also get some deep sleep.

By the way, this article is just about cortisol’s effects on aging. There are other reasons your hair may be graying like a Vitamin B deficiency. Please research all the possible ways you may be graying.

These results indicate that valerian and valerenic acid are new partial agonists of the 5-HT(5a) receptor.  seratonin receptor called 5-HT(5a)

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