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1. Pain reliever–I dilute 15 drops of copaiba essential oil with 2 drops of clove into one ounce of V6 vegetable oil complex and have my husband massage it into my back every evening when I return home from work as a massage therapist. This relieves the pain and stress I put on my body each day so I can return to work the next day and put more pain and stress on my body.

2. Chiropractor–After long-term use of copaiba on my shoulders, back, buttocks and hips, I have noticed that I don’t need a chiropractic adjustment anymore. I used to ask my husband to “push” a little harder on my back hoping my spine would pop, but after long-term use of copaiba, my spine is LOOSE!  (See #11)

3. Cottage cheese butt–My husband would smooth me with copaiba all the way from my shoulders down to my hips because of the pain I was in every night after work. One night he was rubbing me down and I said, “Don’t look at my cottage cheese butt.” He replied, “You don’t have any cottage cheese.” I said, “I know I have cottage cheese. You don’t have to be sweet.” He firmly stated, “YOU DON’T HAVE COTTAGE CHEESE.”  My husband really is great about making me feel desired like telling me he likes my “curves” when I’m getting big with a pregnancy. I looked in the mirror the next day after my morning shower and wowed myself. I really didn’t have cottage cheese anymore. The cottage cheese look reduced about 60%!! The only thing I had been doing different was using copaiba daily!

4. Mole removal–Whatever was still left on my hands after applying copaiba to my hurting hips got applied to my face. I usually wipe residues onto my neck and hairline, but when an oil makes me feel soft, I put the residue on my face. It took less than two weeks for my mole to quit producing hairs. When I noticed this, I took a closer look in the mirror at the mole on my face. It was changing in color, height and shape. I like my sexy mole, so I stopped using it on my face.

5. Sciatica–Since copaiba was a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, I added it with clove which is another great oil for sciatica, and I started using this blend on my massage clients with fast results.

6. Pain that makes you wanna cuss–I hit my tibia leg bone on the rail of my husband’s delivery pickup truck as I was jumping out of the side of it. I immediately had a goose egg on my shin. I rolled Deep Relief which contains copaiba onto my leg and my pain was gone within five minutes. I wish copaiba would have worked on the desire to cuss during that five minutes, but it didn’t. My goose egg got smaller and smaller throughout the rest of the evening, and after day 3, I didn’t worry about my leg hurting anymore even though I had a one-inch cut in it.

Skin Firming–I loved it so much for the above six reasons, that I began an experiment using copaiba to firm my saggy skin after having a cesarean. It began lifting the skin that laps over the snap of my jeans in just days and my abdomen started to shrink from the hips towards the belly button.

8. Diminishes scars–I will use what is left on my hands and apply it to other parts of my body. I began applying what was left on my hands to my ashy, wintry legs. On the third day, I couldn’t see the scar I got from jumping out of the side of the truck. (See #6) I brought my leg closer to my face so I could see better and all I could see was a faint blue line.

If copaiba worked on that old, blue scar, then I wanted to know if it would work on cesarean scars. My cesarean scar changed texture as a result of using the skin firming blend on my belly. There was no more ridge on my bikini area anymore. In less than two weeks, my scar was just as smooth as the surrounding skin.

9. Stretch marks–My stretch marks became shallower as another result of using the skin firming blend.

10. Firms the bladder– Yep, another great side effect from using the skin firming recipe is that I can wait a little longer before having to go to the bathroom. I don’t tinkle a few drops when I laugh or cough either.

11. Anti-inflammatory–Copaiba is a powerful, powerful anti-inflammatory from the inside of your body out. I had no idea how inflammed my insides were until I had used the skin firming recipe for over 10 days. It felt like my body parts weren’t pushing other body parts out of position anymore. The top of my belly where the abdomen connects with the bottom ribs reduced in size, which relaxed pressure on my stomach, ribs and breasts. Apparently, my chest was being tugged downward because my intestines were out of place. This would make sense because my organs were not organized when they were shoved back into my abdomen after a cesarean birth. I feel lighter now because of this.

12. Acne– Copaiba is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory so it un-clogs pores.

“I’ve been using Copiaba oil on my feet first thing in the morning. I swear it helps balance my cortisol levels so that at night I’m actually tired and can fall asleep. When I don’t do it, I’m wired!” –Jen Springer
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I’m always looking for essential oil success stories so I was so grateful to stumble on this one. I put “frankincense” into the YouTube search engine, and this video happened to be attached at the end of another video.

Some wonderful woman, whose name I found out later on is Misty, took compassion on this man suffering from Basal Cell Carcinoma and shared her essential oils with him. This is beautiful to me for two reasons:

1. She KNOWS Young Living essential oils are tested for purity and that they really do heal so she had complete faith that if this man used her oils according to her instructions, he would be healed.

2. She gave away her family’s stash of oils to help someone else. If her family had had an emergency, she would not have had enough oils left to help her family. (After my daughter had a severe concussion and 10 days later my son broke his nose, I keep enough stash for future emergencies.)

The end of the video includes an email address where you can ask the author more about the essential oils used to heal this man’s hand. I emailed Misty and asked her what oils she used and what company of oils she used. This screen shot shows a portion of our email thread. If you click on the screen shot, it will open open into another window as a bigger image so you can read it.

The Protocol Part I

As the video below and the email above indicate, Misty instructed her friend to use 2 to 3 drops of Thyme Essential Oil from Young Living 2 to 3 times a day. Thyme contains the compound thymol which can make the skin feel like its burning so she covered the wound with olive oil. The olive oil helped keep the essential oil from flashing off so quickly, kept the wound moist, and relieved the sensation that the Thyme oil was burning the skin. (Tiffany’s note: while essential oils rich in thymol give the sensation they are burning, it is only a sensation and is not damaging to skin tissue. Some people experience a temporary rash and irritation, but Young Living’s Thyme essential oil is not toxic and does not damage tissue.) The man was then instructed to cover the entire area with a bandage. The video shows how quickly the cancer progressed in healing.

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