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I’m always looking for essential oil success stories so I was so grateful to stumble on this one. I put “frankincense” into the YouTube search engine, and this video happened to be attached at the end of another video.

Some wonderful woman, whose name I found out later on is Misty, took compassion on this man suffering from Basal Cell Carcinoma and shared her essential oils with him. This is beautiful to me for two reasons:

1. She KNOWS Young Living essential oils are tested for purity and that they really do heal so she had complete faith that if this man used her oils according to her instructions, he would be healed.

2. She gave away her family’s stash of oils to help someone else. If her family had had an emergency, she would not have had enough oils left to help her family. (After my daughter had a severe concussion and 10 days later my son broke his nose, I keep enough stash for future emergencies.)

The end of the video includes an email address where you can ask the author more about the essential oils used to heal this man’s hand. I emailed Misty and asked her what oils she used and what company of oils she used. This screen shot shows a portion of our email thread. If you click on the screen shot, it will open open into another window as a bigger image so you can read it.

The Protocol Part I

As the video below and the email above indicate, Misty instructed her friend to use 2 to 3 drops of Thyme Essential Oil from Young Living 2 to 3 times a day. Thyme contains the compound thymol which can make the skin feel like its burning so she covered the wound with olive oil. The olive oil helped keep the essential oil from flashing off so quickly, kept the wound moist, and relieved the sensation that the Thyme oil was burning the skin. (Tiffany’s note: while essential oils rich in thymol give the sensation they are burning, it is only a sensation and is not damaging to skin tissue. Some people experience a temporary rash and irritation, but Young Living’s Thyme essential oil is not toxic and does not damage tissue.) The man was then instructed to cover the entire area with a bandage. The video shows how quickly the cancer progressed in healing.

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