Essential Oils for HyperActivity


I don’t really like labels for nutritional deficiencies. Let’s just call Hyperactivity what it really is: A mineral deficiency.

When the nervous system doesn’t get its basic nutrients which are a B Complex, Magnesium, and a hormone called pregnenalone, several things can happen. In a hyperactive child, mineral deficiency looks like:

-A child who squirms a lot.
-A child who won’t stay seated in a chair.
-Climbs at inappropriate times.
-Feels restless.
-Has trouble playing quietly.
-Acts like their internal motor won’t stop.
-May talk too much.
-Cry at inappropriate times.
-Have melt downs.

As with any nutritional deficiency, once you give the body what it is has been lacking, the symptoms automatically disappear. So, a child isn’t hyperactive, they are just suffering the result of not having the nutrients that their nervous system needs to perform optimally.

In the video below, you will see how we comforted the nervous system with RutaVaLa roll on because the Valerian content acts like a tranquilizer to the nerves, Peace and Calming to also comfort the nerves, and Mineral Essence for the Magnesium Content. Because my daughter is three-years old, she can not swallow magnesium capsules or a nasty-tasting liquid supplement so we used Mineral Essence as a lotion. The body easily absorbed it and transported it to the nerves. Within five minutes, my daughter is a different child.

Feed the need and the symptoms disappear on their own.

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