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Today’s guest blogger is a member of my organization, Serenity Chandler. Her story is personal to me because I knew how much sleep Serenity was losing as Night Terrors is a whole family problem. When I quit looking at the physical solutions to help her daughter sleep and switched to emotional solutions, I was able to help Serenity find the answers she had been searching for. I feel better now that Serenity feels better because she has less stress, more sleep, and the whole family can get some much needed rest now. Let’s read her story now:

My name is Serenity Chandler. I am mom to four amazing children and wife to one awesome man.

My soon to be 7 year old daughter has had night terrors since she was two. She would wake up screaming or crying usually 2-5 times a night but be completely incoherent. She started sleeping in my bed because I got tired of running so often to her room. Usually by the time I got her calmed down and asleep again, someone else had woken up. She never remembered these episodes in the morning, but she did remember having bad dreams. She always had bags under her eyes even if she was in bed for 12 hours a night.

Over the years I have tried to find ways to help her sleep. I tried dietary changes, I consulted the lady at the health food store and tried supplements and natural sleep aids, we tried numerous things. Nothing ever worked. In December things got worse, she was under a lot of stress at school and started sleep walking. I started looking more diligently for something to help her.

The Solution

One day I was on Facebook and noticed that Tiffany’s “I’ve Got an Oil for That” page was all about sleep issues. I read all of the posts, taking notes, hoping and praying one of them would be right for my daughter. After I read all of them I started muscle testing to see which one my girl needed.  The answer was clear, she needed Dream Catcher essential oil blend. I ordered some and eagerly awaited its arrival.

While waiting, I told my daughter that I had ordered some oil that I thought would help her not have bad dreams at night. Even though she doesn’t remember them, she calls them her bad dreams. She asked me every day when it was going to get here. The day it came she was so excited she could not wait to go to bed. I put it on the little pad at the base of her big toe. I started out with 1 drop on each foot, but after about two weeks we moved up to 2 drops. I put it on as she’s getting into my bed. We then pray, cuddle, read, and sing for 10-30 minutes until she falls asleep.

As I went about my nightly routine I waited for her to wake up, but she didn’t. I went to bed hopeful, but still expecting to be woken up. I kept waking up to check on her, but she barely moved. She rolled over a few times, but she didn’t wake up, she didn’t talk in her sleep, nothing. In the morning she could tell a difference, she said she didn’t have any bad dreams.  My husband and I were cautiously optimistic for the next night, and had the same results. Our biggest surprise was the second morning, the bags under her eyes were completely gone.

It’s been more than a month now; my daughter is sleeping in her own bed most of the time. She still sometimes wakes up and comes to my bed, but she doesn’t wake up because of a bad dream. She was even able to have a sleepover with her cousins and stay all night. Every night isn’t perfect, she woke up with bad dreams the other night and asked for more “dream oil”, but it’s as close to perfect as I could ask for.

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Tiffany’s note: Other essential oils used by Young Living distributors for Night Terrors are:
Peace and Calming
Trauma Life
Three Wise Men

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