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At the time I type this, it’s been exactly seven days since I’ve been home from the hospital where I was diagnosed with a 1.8 cm fibroid. I’m grateful I got through this week with my Young Living essential oils because I don’t like the side effects the alternatives have to offer.

(That was funny. I just called allopathic medicine “alternatives”. That would be in true in my case. The body can heal itself when given the proper building blocks so my first choice in medicine is to give the body what it needs to repair itself and my second choice is surgery.)

The last two years:

Once I quit nursing my youngest child, I began to have menstrual periods again. They would last for two weeks with the first week being heavy with clotting and the second week being a brown discharge. My gynecologist said there could be three possible causes, one of which was fibroids. I was really hoping it was fibroids because they are easy to treat (with essential oils). He told me he wanted me to wait three months and come back in again if I continued to have the same kind of periods.

In May I did the Skin Firming Regimen which had many beneficial healthy side effects. In addition to firming my bladder, the copaiba and clove in the regimen completely normalized my periods again. They were back to being one week long, medium bleeding, with no cramps or mood swings, etc. So it was a shocker when I wound up in the emergency room with a  painful 1.8 cm fibroid.

This week:

I didn’t know how long I would be in the emergency room or if I would be admitted at all so I brought all my oils, supplements, Essential Oil Desk Reference and Thieves Mouthwash (he he) with me.

By the time I was escorted to an observation room, my pain level was an 8. Because the pain radiated from my uterus and hips, I knew my problem was hormone related so I chose to dot Progessence Plus all over my belly above the uterus. Progessence Plus has copaiba in it which reduces pain and it contains progesterone which treats the hormonal source of the pain. Sure enough my pain level went down to a 2 in less than five minutes. Normally I’d have to wait to be given pain relief in the emergency room until after they performed an examination and ran tests so this was already one benefit of taking my oils with me. I kept applying the Progessence Plus anytime I felt the pain climbing again. Sometimes this was every 2-3 hours.

I received a catheter to inflate my bladder so a sonogram could see through to my uterus. This type of sonogram could not find my right ovary so a trans-vaginal sonogram was also performed.  Pressing on an inflated bladder with the sonogram wand caused additional pain. I took a capsule with 8 drops of helichrysum to soothe this pain. Within 10 minutes, I was pain free. Again, this was an added benefit of bringing my oils with me because I would have to wait till I was discharged to receive a prescription, I’d still be in pain driving to the pharmacy, and then I’d still be in pain waiting for the prescription to take effect. I would have been in needless pain for seven hours if I had not brought my oils with me.

Five hours of pain being in the hospital.
One hour of pain driving to the pharmacy and waiting for a prescription to be filled.
Forty-five minutes waiting for a prescription to take effect.

Then I would not only have the discomfort of the heavy bleeding and the discomfort from the exam, but I would also have to deal with the side effects of the prescription.

I was diagnosed with a 1.8 centimeter fibroid. I was told that because of my age (42), I could treat it with pain pills until I reached the age of menopause. Menopause causes the body to produce less estrogen. Estrogen causes cells to split faster. So less estrogen means fibroids shrink. Thankfully with all the training we get in Young Living, I already knew that progesterone keeps estrogen in check. I decided to use Progessence Plus which has progesterone in it to keep my body’s excess of estrogen in check so I can shrink this fibroid before my next period.

My own protocol:

So here is what I have done in the last seven days to shrink this fibroid, deal with the painful period, and deal with the discomfort of the exam.

For the first three days:

*One capsule -10 drops of helichrysum, as needed for pain and to lessen the amount of bleeding. This could last 4-6 hours depending on how I felt that day.

*One capsule – five drops of frankincense, three times a day for the trauma my body is experiencing, and to shrink the fibroid. Fibroids are tumors made of muscle tissue so frankincense is good at shrinking what doesn’t belong in the body.

*One capsule – five drops of Progessence Plus to prevent my body from using estrogen to enlarge the fibroid. Progessence Plus also contains copaiba which is really good for removing adhesions.  (To save on capsules, you can put the frankincense and Progessence Plus in the same capsule.)

*Two capsules of Sleep Essence twice a day for the first three days. I didn’t need Sleep Essence after that. My body was going through so much from the fibroid, gallstones, kidney infection and sinus infection that I required a lot of sleep. My body kept me awake trying to heal itself. The Valarian in Sleep Essence settled me down and helped me to have great, regenerative naps throughout the day.

For the last four days:

Frankincense with Progessence Plus capsules three times a day to shrink the fibroid.

Helichrysum once a day to control bleeding and pain.

For the next thirty days:

It is my goal to keep taking Frankincense and Progessence Plus three times a day for the next 30 days to shrink this fibroid. I have no desire to suffer this kind of pain with each month’s period for the next decade waiting for my body to kick into menopause.

I was told to see my gynecologist in three months to measure the size of the fibroid again. I hope he will entertain me and let me have a sonogram in 30 days so we can see how much the oils have shrunk the fibroid or completely digested it.

My first medicine:

Essential oils are my first medicine because they intelligently speak with the body giving it only the support it needs to heal itself. Excess estrogen is the cause of fibroids, not the pain. I chose to give my body progesterone to reverse the growth of the fibroid and to give it frankincense to remove growths that don’t belong in the body. Giving my body pain pills would not keep the fibroid from growing. If the fibroid continued to grow, it would have needed to be surgically removed. I would also have a damaged liver from years of being on a synthetic pain prescription in addition to suffering side effects from long-term use.

Using essential oils is my first medicine of choice because it is a more compassionate option for the care of my body.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Tiffany, As you posted a very descriptive picture of the many different kinds of fibroids, where was yours located?

    In 2008, I had 12 fibroids with the largest being 5cm and I successfully became pregnant, stayed pregnant. I never had any pain with any of the fibroids. I used lavender oil topically over abdomen. In a situation where estrogen increases, my follow-up ultrasound post-partum showed only 2 small fibroids left (1-2 cm each).

    Enzymes might also be very helpful, possibly Detoxyme?

    Good Luck

  2. jeni page says:

    holy crap this sounds like me… dominique beers had this on her fb

  3. AlicIa says:

    Woo hoo. You go girl. Great info thanks for sharing!

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