Mothers Find Answers in Using Essential Oils for Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD and OCD


Today’s guest blogger is Kristin Ebey. She very eagerly jumped on the invitation to share the protocol for what is working so well for her daughter who has ADD/ADHD tendencies. It always melts my soul to hear the drastic “before and after” changes that take place with essential oils.  It melts my soul even more when other people hear this good news and take action to get these same results for their loved ones. Kristin found these answers from another mother, she got the same results with her child, and now she generously shares this protocol with you. I can’t wait to hear YOUR child’s “before and after essential oils” story. –Tiffany Rowan

My name is Kristin Ebey.  I am a mom of 2, and I’ve been married for 21 years.  I got involved in Young Living in November of 2010.  It was a life choice for my entire family.

I have been asked to give a testimony on how the oils have aided my daughter with ADD/ADHD tendencies.  I say tendencies because she fits into a spectrum of sorts.  She has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is Autism. But, she tends to have OCD and ADD with this.

I have a very dear friend, Suzanne, whom I met in Young Living who has worked with me on how to help my daughter.  I am sharing this with you so you can be informed and make a choice for treatment(s) for your own child.


My husband and I didn’t want our daughter to be a victim of her diagnosis.  We decided to look into other ways to overcome using chemicals such as prescription medications to treat her and not just mask the symptoms.  Suzanne shared with me how her boys were no longer having symptoms of ADD/ADHD. After talking to her, I knew I wanted that for my own daughter.  That was when we started using this Protocol, and we have never looked back and we will always be grateful to Suzanne and for Young Living for these wonderful Oils.

Once I made the decision to get our family off of chemicals, I knew the hardest part would be the dependency and our wanting-ness for her to function the way she was designed to be.  I wanted more for her than to second guess herself. I didn’t want man-made chemicals to dictate what she could and couldn’t do.

From the beginning, she wanted the oils.  Her favorite oil is Peace & Calming.  At that very first session using the oils, Suzanne explained each oil and let her smell them first.  I believe smelling the oils is key to them wanting to make a difference in their lives, and it helps to make the transition from chemicals to using the Oils.

I was amazed at the difference in her ability to “stay on task”.  I watched her, and she just seemed very relaxed.  After about 10 days, she was a totally different person.



Sacred Frankincense

Common Sense


Peace & Calming



1. Find an area where you have no distractions like a bedroom, etc., and give yourself a break to block out everything to devote your time to your child.  Children deserve our attention.

2. Have your child lie face down.

3. I have listed the order of the oils in which to go by.  You take 1 Oil at a time, and rub 1 drop of that oil on the bottoms of each of their feet.  Do this with each of the Oils, and do this with both feet.  It’s just that simple:  repeat with each of the Oils.  Start with the right foot and then move to the left foot.

4. When you apply the oils to your child’s feet, rub each oil in a clockwise motion.

5. You will want to lightly tickle up the back 3 times to awaken the sensory nerves of your child’s spine.  This will stimulate the nerves and the receptors in their brains.

6. When complete, have your child curl into the fetal position or “like a shrimp”.

7. Rub VALOR in small circles from the sacrum to the top of the neck where it meets the head. Do this 3 times.

**You can repeat this 2 to 3 times a day—your child will let you know by their behavior when it is needed and the frequency.


We started using this 2 times a day and most of the time it was enough, but if she was over stimulated, we went ahead and assumed she needed another session.  It’s so funny, I should not have assumed, because she resisted me a few times saying she was fine.

We do this Protocol in the morning before school, and then again just before supper.  The reason I don’t do this right before bed time is because it makes my daughter relaxed and she wants to interact with the rest of the family.  It gives her a chance to be a part of our family without being nervous or anxious. It also gives her time to be ready and relaxed totally for her to have a good night’s sleep.


This information can be adjusted to how it fits with your situation, and how it adjusts with your needs.  I feel like the oils and our bodies can work together within us and let us know what we need.  There is so much more to explore and discover, and that is part of our own process we undertake in life.  The Oils are no different.

Your child for instance, may respond to Brain Power or Clarity.  If you find you want to try using Brain Power or Clarity in place of Peace & Calming I would recommend you experiment in the morning with these oils.  They are intended to enhance what might be ahead of them in the coming day.  But, I do recommend using Peace & Calming in the evening time.  This will have a very relaxing effect on your child as they unwind from their day.    Rest assured if you do decide to use a different oil in the morning, it will not take away from their success with overcoming ADD/ADHD; it just means you are listening to what Oils your child needs.  It may be that in the morning you use Brain Power, Clarity, etc; and in the evening, you use Peace & Calming.

Here is the alternative protocol of the Oils to use and the order in which to use them in if you choose to substitute Brain Power or Clarity in place of Peace & Calming during your morning Protocol.   You would do everything as listed in the steps I have given you, and use these Oils in this order.


Sacred Frankincense

Common Sense


Brain Power or Clarity


We had problems with her not paying attention or being able to change from task to task and with behavior outbursts like getting upset at someone for no reason or blaming them for things she thought they did.  At school she often tried so hard to be a perfect child, that when she got home, she would unleash her pent-up emotions on us.  Her brother would take the brunt of most of it.

My daughter is a walking little miracle!  She stays focused on the mission she has in front of her, and is not afraid to try something out of her comfort zone.


She makes a B+ average in school and has been completely chemical free since November of 2010. She was 16 when we started using this protocol, and have been doing this protocol every day for 9 months now.  She responds so very well with the oils.  I am so very proud of her and what she has accomplished in and for herself.  She is now 17 and a senior in high school.  She was 3 when we got our diagnoses of her. It has been a rocky road and a roller-coaster road, but it is one I would NOT ever want to change.


I hope you try the oils and the protocol for ADD/ADHD. The length of time for your child to notice changes varies.  Don’t give up!!!  There are people who have experience and knowledge to help, and they have the belief in the oils to work.  I am here to answer any concerns you have and any questions as well.  Please feel free to ask me.

Thank you for taking the time to read over this and for listening to my testimony.

“Oily Yours”

Kristin Ebey



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  1. Stephanie Ridling says:

    Hey Tiffany,
    Thanks so much for your great information. I would love to share this information with my Mom for my Nephew she is raising. He has had this issue for 8 years and she is lookng for alternative answers.. I would also love to share the Dr’s video on my FB page.. I just wanted to make sure it was cool with you. I do click the share button on FB all the time and try to give reference to who had it before me but taking it from you web site wanted to make sure it was ok with ya :) I am on Terry Tillaart’s team by the way. Thanks again. Love all your info!

  2. Margie Houser says:

    Hello Kristin,

    When you started the oils did you stop the medications all together or did you slowly wean her off them? I am very intrigued and will be looking into this for my 14 year old son.

    Thank you,

  3. Dawn says:

    I started using Young Living for my ADHD son —– with a tentative diagnosis of Asperger’s, however, before the diagnosis follows him for the rest of his life, I thought that we would take a time out and use some homeopathic remedies because the prescription meds were awful. I started using Vetiver, In the morning he gets it on his feet, along with Cedarwood and Lavendar. My son said that he can’t allow me to put any up on his chest or back because the kids laugh at the smell. He gets a 2nd round when he comes on and this goes on his neck, chest, and back. Then in the evening I add Ylang Ylang. We have had good results. Not excellent results….but good so far. We’re keeping on keeping on!

  4. Lori says:

    I was very excited to read about the protocol you are using with your daughter. My son is currently taking medication for ADHD and not very well controlled. I researched the prices of the oils you use in the Young Living catalog and based on available bottle size and the wholesale price it looks like you are paying around $185.00 per month for this protocol. Is this correct or am I missing something?

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