Oregano essential oil for warts


I have read over and over on the Young Living yahoo groups about people using Oregano oil to kill their warts and other growths.  They were having faster results than with the topical creams they had always used before they knew about essential oils.

One of my daughters constantly gets warts, but they don’t bother her, so she doesn’t ever want me to do anything about them.  So when this…growth…started growing between the base of my first and second finger, it’s height and texture made me think it could be a wart, but its appearance didn’t look the kind my daughter gets.  I’m just going to call it a wart because warts don’t have one specific size, shape or color as the video below shows.

I didn’t want to start treating my wart with Oregano essential oil until I got some ‘before’ pictures because I  know that oils work fast and I wanted to show the true measurement of when I started treating the wart, how much oil I applied and how often I used the oil.  I wanted to take pictures of what the wart looked like after the first night of treatment and each consecutive night after that.  Over the period of May to July, I was finalizing the work on my living room remodel and never took the time to treat my wart, let alone take pictures of it.

That is really too bad because my wart healed quite by accident. One night my husband’s back pain was so severe, we just set up the massage table, sprinkled the Raindrop kit oils on his back, and I gave him a one-hour back massage.  This kit contains Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Wintergreen and Peppermint (and some blends that I did not use that night).  Massage oils tend to get under the fingernails, between the fingers, on the back of the hand on the forearm depending on what technique is used during massage.

So both my husband and myself got a benefit from the same oil treatment because his back pain went away and my wart died overnight.  The only evidence of a wart was two scabs sitting on top of pink skin.  (See the video at the top of this article).  I am so grateful that my wart removal was painless because the next two videos show more invasive options of having warts removed.  These invasive options now give the body TWO things to fight:

1.  The body expends energy to fight the virus causing the wart.
2.  The body expends energy from toxic chemical creams, the invasion of cutting a hole into the skin, and blisters and pain from freezing warts off, or any other option where the wart is removed by force.

WARNING:  These next two videos are very graphic.  The first video upsets me because I would like to see the physician be gentle with the patient.  He scrapes and digs which upsets me.  I understand the need to slice the skin so the scooping tool can go under, but I think the physician could have been more gentle.

Note:  No scraping or digging when dripping Oregano oil on the skin.

My wart was originally 1/4″ wide by 1/4″ tall.  It only took one application of oils for it to die.  If you have a larger wart or clusters of warts, you  may have to apply Oregano oil twice a day till the warts are gone.

Therapeutic grade Young Living Oregano Essential oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.  It contains phenols so it may cause some discomfort to the skin.  A wart may not feel it, but the surrounding skin might feel like its burning.  If this is the case, apply equal parts of olive oil or V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex AFTER you have dripped Oregano oil on the wart(s).  Vegetable oils slow down the rate of absorption of essential oils, therefore, removing the discomfort of phenols.

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