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Hello Friends,

In October of 2012, I gave my “two-week notice” for leaving my position as an essential oil educator. I am playing around when I use that term, but I really did give the world wide web only a two-week notice that I was deleting the fastest growing Young Living essential oil page on Facebook. Many of my followers truly did not understand why I could leave something that I worked so hard to build. So, where is Tiffany now?

First of all, let me begin with the successes that my Facebook page, I’ve Got An Oil For That, produced. It was the fastest growing, most recommended Facebook page regarding the use of Young Living essential oils. This means that its followers were so generous and helpful with sharing their personal stories, helpful tips, and useful links that the Facebook page grew into a community who recommended it as a trusted source for essential oil education. It’s photo albums were full of recipes, protocols, how-tos and testimonies that gave beginners the confidence to use essential oils as their first and only medicine. The business tips gave many the boost they needed to begin their own Facebook pages, blogs, and You Tube channels. It has brought me great joy watching the successes of my followers and colleagues.

So let’s move on to the rest of the story…

In April of 2012, my husband, Tom and I, attended an introduction to flipping houses with Fortune Builders. This is the company Than Merrill, Paul Esajian and JD Esjian built to provide a duplicatable system of wealth that you see on their A&E Cable Show, Flip This House. From there, we attended an event where we learned more about this opportunity and were interviewed to see if we even qualified as the elite 1% who make it into their Mastery coaching program. Not only did we qualify as a match for their program, but we were picked to be the first to be interviewed.

I am Christian, so I will say that the Holy Ghost’s presence was very strong during these two events. At the time, we didn’t know exactly what we were getting into, all we knew was that it was the right thing to do. Because of the Holy Ghost’s witness, I had no reservations whatsoever in investing in such an expensive coaching program. Everything fell right into our laps with no effort at all to make this happen for us. Over the next few months, we were awakening to the path that had always been inside of us to fulfill. We were seeing very clearly the work and responsibility God was placing before us. There is a force within us that propels us as if it was the most natural thing to do even though its the most dramatic career change. The work is easy and enjoyable.

Tom and I began coaching with Fortune Builders Mastery in May of 2012. We became incorporated as Preferred Property Solutions in June.

We are not only being coached in how to offer creative solutions for properties with problems, but we are also being coached on how to become incorporated, how to build a paydex score (business credit report score), how to invest our wealth to increase our wealth, and how to obey tax codes, as well as how to fulfill our spiritual potential. We have associated ourselves with the most energizing people we could choose for a support system.

You can imagine the 180 our lives have turned. It is the most exciting miracle to be a part of. It feels as if we have always been Real Estate Investors.

We are laying our foundations now with lazer-sharp focus. We have been coached in how to build a business correctly. If you have read “eMyth” , then you know that we are not only learning how to be good as investors, but to be successful as business owners. With these foundations, we can only expand from here. We look forward to using our wealth to build catastrophe shelters and rental properties that are handicap accessible. We look forward to fulfilling the measure of our creation.

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Double talk: “Our essential oils are more pure than Young Living’s.”
Response: Either its pure or its not. Either it’s an essential oil or its not. There is no such thing as more pure than pure.
Double talk: “Frankincense loses boswellic acid in the distillation process. Frankincense is not pure if it contains boswellic acid after distillation.” 
Response: Frankincense is pure in its whole form as a tree. Boswellic acid is found in the resin of the tree so boswellic acid is found in the pure, whole form of the tree.  If the tree contains boswellic acid, the essential oil better contain it too. Boswellic acid can’t be pure before distillation and then be a constituent that adulterates an oil after distillation. Therefore, any frankincense that does not contain boswellic acid after distillation is not an essential oil and did not come from the resin of the tree.
Double talk: “…if they grow it themselves then they use no standard whatsoever…”Response: This comment is common among companies who have to explain (make up an excuse) why they don’t own their own farms. They say they “source” their oils from countries that wild craft the plants or trees. So doesn’t the source “grow it themselves”? If that is the case, then wouldn’t it be true also that the source also uses “no standard whatsoever”?

So how does one know if a company or source is a professional in the field of essential oils? The average guy or gal off the street who knows nothing about essential oil chemistry can only trust third-party testing. A quick test is tocompare costs of companies to know if they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for third-party testing. If an oil is inexpensive, then they don’t care about quality enough to pay for third-party testing before they sell a bottle of oil to their customers.

So what’s in YOUR bottle of essential oil?

Personally, I wouldn’t want to buy oils from a company who speaks double talk. If you would like more help in researching which essential oil company is right for you, check out these tips from Dr. David Stewart at this article here titled 15 Questions to Ask Essential Oil Representatives.


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Does heat ruin an essential oil? My official answer is,”I don’t know.” I’m a stickler for truth so if I don’t have a reliable source of information, I choose not to participate in conversations. In our internet age today so many people copy and paste things so much that  we don’t know if we are getting an answer from a reliable source, if we are only getting a segment of a conversation, or if that information was edited to fit the purpose of the person sharing that information. So for today’s topic, I have not included sources that I don’t trust. As always, my intention is to just give you data for you to make your own educated guesses with.  So once you have read the data below, you decide – “Does heat ruin an essential oil”.

First of all, in our early days in Young Living back in the early 2000s, we were told to avoid temperature extremes.

“Don’t let your oils get too hot or too cold.”
“Don’t leave your oils in the hot car.”
“Don’t put your oils in the freezer.”

It appears that with the information Dr. Young had at the time that the science would point to this being true. After all, we use cold-air diffusers so that heat doesn’t ruin our oils.

But, on a recent Young Living discussion board for professionals, one professional was saying that in the last year or so (2011) that she heard Dr. Young say that your oils will be fine if they get too hot. Remember, I’m only including information from sources I trust. This brings me to my next thought.

I have used oils many times that have been left in my vehicle every day in the hot Arkansas summer heat. I have used helichrysum for pain and no matter how hot the oil got it was still effective for my pain. I have used hot Valor for allergic reactions and it was effective. I have used hot peppermint for sinus infections and it was effective. I have lost an oil and found it a year later and it was still effective after months and months of withstanding the hot summer heat. So if the heat fractured the molecules, then my body was able to utilize each fractured part anyway.

This brings me to my next thought. My aromatherapy instructor, Rhianna Harris from France, told us that your body breaks down essential oils into their specific components anyway. She said that a diffuser breaks essential oils into their individual molecules and your nose distributes each molecule where it needs to go in the body.  That made sense to me because I likened it to how the digestive system breaks down our foods into smaller usable parts like proteins into amino acids.

Then, my brain thinks:

“Well, these plants that the oils came from stood out in hot fields, in the dessert soil of Utah or Egypt, in the volcanic ash of Ecuador and many other hot climates. The essential oil in the plant survived that. So they must be able to take some heat.”

“These oils withstand 200 degree temperatures during the distillation process.” (But we also know the temperature has to be controlled in distillation so that the oil isn’t scorched. So…how much heat can an oil withstand?)

“These oils withstand the rising temperatures inside my hot vehicle.”

And then I think of what Dr. David Stewart, a chemist, says in his books. He is talking about going through radiation at airport security but I use that information when I think of oils getting hot. He said that yes that airport screening will fracture the oils but in a matter of minutes the components all group back together making a whole oil again. So if oils can heal themselves coming out of radiation, can they heal themselves after their components have been separated by heat as long as they were not scorched and destroyed?

Maybe we found our answer. As long as the oil isn’t scorched, maybe it isn’t ruined when subjected to heat.

So how hot can an oil get before it is scorched?
How hot does a diffuser get?
Hot hot does the plant matter get when distilled?
How come we can use heat with oil resins but we can’t use hot-air diffusers?

I could make myself crazy over-thinking this? What did you conclude? Please comment in the thread below. What were you taught and which Young Living sponsored event did you hear it at?

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I follow my own advice when I say you should ask other Young Living distributors to guest blog for you.  Adam Green and I met on Facebook.  It’s fun being professional colleagues doing favors for each other and I’ve enjoyed cashing in on this favor of having him share with you guys his “personal trainer expertise” on separating facts from falsehoods when it comes to finding the right balance of eating the right foods and the in right amounts. Once you’ve been edified by his great tips below, go “friend” him on Facebook and check out his other great tips.

Nutrition is a key component not only to your fitness program but to life! Food is fuel, and it is important to fuel your body properly and effectively. I highly recommend seeking the advice of a personal trainer when embarking on an exercise program as they can provide you with personalized programs and education specific to your needs. Please read below what I view as some of the top nutrition mistakes people make when starting an exercise program.

1. Skipping Meals/ Improper Meal Frequency

A key mistake often made is skipping meals in hopes of cutting calories to lose weight. However this often works against your goals. Food is fuel for your body and mind.  It is essential to consistenly supply nutrients throughout the day.  My ideal meal frequency is every 2-3 hours consuming 5-6 meals per day.  This will result in more stable blood sugars, less cravings, and sustained energy throughout the day.  To begin with, I suggest setting an alarm on your phone every 3 hours to remind you to eat.  Don’t skip breakfast!!!

2. Not Eating Enough Calories

Your body has a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which is the basic amount of calories your body needs to sustain proper function if you were to lie in a room doing nothing. In order to lose weight, you still want to consume more calories than your BMR. Consume any less and your body sees it as being deprived of its essential nutrients and calories needed to sustain itself, so it feels the need to store energy for future use. Stored energy is… FAT! You want to ensure that you are eating enough calories of the right foods with frequent and proper meals.

3. Avoiding Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates get an unwarranted bad reputation. There is a plethora of bad carbohydrates out there with the key ones to avoid being anything processed. Good carbohydrates are essential to your body. Most times good carbohydrates make up 50% of your daily caloric consumption. The key is to consume the right types of carbohydrates such as fibrous vegetables and whole foods like sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, and fruits. When I am shopping, I purchase items that do not have labels. If they do have labels, I look for single ingredients. For example oatmeal is oatmeal, sweet potato is sweet potato. However look at a box of cereal and you will realize how processed some foods really are.

4. Improper Macronutrient Balance

As a general rule of thumb when working with clients, I traditionally start them with 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% fats. Everyone does have their own unique body type and preferences, and after monitoring progress adjustments can be made in ratios to find an ideal balance. Again, the key is not necessarily to cut carbs like many try to do, but to eat the proper carbs, proper lean proteins, and healthy fats. Balance is key. Keeping a food journal is a great way to monitor your food intake.

5. Consuming Diet/Sugar Free Products

Many diet products are marketed as calorie free, sugar free, and as a healthier alternative to sugar laden drinks. There is a lot of research suggesting that not only does the consumption of diet products actually lead to weight gain, but the safety of these products is also questionable. Some big players in the artificial sweetener world are Acephulame potassium (Ace-K), Aspartame, and Sucralose (splenda). I highly recommend anyone looking to become more educated on the dangers of these products read “Sweet Deception”.  A brief summary on sweeteners can also be found on my site here.  I encourage the use of natural sweeteners such as Stevia and Yacon, but ideally, I try to get people to stay clear of sweets in general so they can break those cravings and addictions and get back to the basics of eating good, clean, whole foods.

6. Consuming Empty Calories in Sauces

One look at the labels on most sauces and dips and you will quickly see why they are contributing to your weight gain. These are often loaded with huge amounts of sugar (from High Fructose Corn Syrup) or  artificial sweeteners. I recommend things like hot sauce as a better alternative, and when choosing dressings I go with any kind of vinaigrette. I am a big fan of balsamic vinegar myself.

7. Consuming Liquid Calories

Cut out soda pop of any sort, high-sugar specialty coffee beverages, juices, etc. Cutting out these things can make a big impact on your results. There is no nutrient/health value in many of these drinks and they are sabotaging your success. Even your daily double/double from Tim Hortons can be adding in an extra 280 cals/day into your body, translating to an extra 102,200 calories a year, or approx 29.2lbs!. I personally only consume water flavored with essential oils, 2-4oz of Ningxia Red, Slique Tea, and Zevia (stevia sweetened soda) when entertaining company.

8. Missing Digestive Enzymes

There is a massive amount of research on the benefits of digestive enzymes. We do not get near the amount from our food that we used to due to the highly processed nature of our food supply.

A simple analogy: Food is fuel like logs for a fire. Imagine two different fires, one made with big thick logs, the other is made with the exact same logs but chopped up finely into kindling/tender. Which one will burn better, quicker and more efficiently? The second fire, of course. Enzymes help to break down food inside your body and assist in the absorption of the nutrients so everything you are eating is being used faster and more efficiently. I challenge you to add in Essentialzyme-4 with your major meals, and add Essentialzyme or Detoxyme with your smaller meals and in-between meals. You WILL notice the difference!

Yours in health,

Adam Green
Be sure to check out my Facebook page and follow me on twitter @Essential_HF.

Important, the information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition of the body. The information provided should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health care professional. If you have any concerns regarding this information, please consult your health care professional.

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