Sciatic Massage with Essential Oils


Last month a friend of mine asked if I would give her a massage. Her sciatic nerve caused her to fall as she was leaning over putting a tack in the wall. She had already been suffering for five days and needed other options that would get her walking normally again. She was able to walk when she took “heavy drugs for pain”, as she called them, but when they wore off, she couldn’t walk normally. Because of the pain, she wasn’t sleeping well either.

I gave her my advice and let her make her decision from there. I explained that the sciatic nerve starts in the lower back, runs through the buttocks and continues down the leg where it finally branches off into nerves with other names below the knee. I would need to massage where the nerve is the largest which means from the lower back to the knee. I used more urgency in my voice when I advised enhancing the effectiveness of the massage using essential oils for inflammation and pain.  She was eager for relief so she agreed to the massage and essential oils. Five days is a long time to be in pain, plus all her responsibilities were stacking up. I couldn’t wait to get her some relief.

Tiffany’s Sciatic Relief Essential Oil Formula:

1 ounce of Young Living’s V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex
15 drops of Copaiba essential oil

2 drops of Clove essential oil

She had a pain level of 5 when she came to see me. The light in her eyes was gone as pain is very fatiguing on the countenance. She was walking very slowly down the sidewalk and used the hand rails on the deck. She needed assistance from her sister to get on the massage table. She was able to lay face down so we did the whole massage prone.

1. I first took the foot from the painful side and laid it across the opposite ankle. This opens the muscles that tightly weave in the buttocks to create more space so the sciatic nerve isn’t as pinched.

2. Second, I applied the Sciatic Relief Essential Oil blend over her lower back, buttocks and down her leg to the knee.

3. From now on, most of the work I did is similar to what you see in this first video. I imagined all the layers of muscle that tightly weave around the hip and buttocks and concentrated my massage on isolating each muscle, applying moderate palm and fist effleurage where the muscle begins and ends (insertion points and attachment points) For the average person reading this, that just means where the muscle attaches from one bone and ends at a different bone. So all the bones affected by sciatica are the spine vertebrae, top rim of hip bone which is the lower back, the sacrum of the hip bone which is the triangle image you see in the photo above, as well as the greater trochanter knob of the leg. (If you place your hands on your hips and run them down the side of your body, you will feel a knob where your hip ends and your leg begins.) The last bone affected is at the knee.

When visualizing and isolating each muscle, I work my strokes the direction the muscle goes. Imagine the muscle like grain of wood, work “with” the grain like you are sanding wood, but with slow strokes with your palm and later with top of your fist. I may start my strokes going from the top of the muscle to the bottom of the muscle, then I’ll switch and work from bottom to top. Later, I work across the grain of the muscle instead of “with” the grain.

4. After watching this video, scroll below it to see what stretches we used to complete the treatment.

**CAUTION: While the client in the video is modestly draped at all times, some anatomy like the buttocks are in full view. If buttocks are offensive to you, do not watch this video.

4. Picking up with step four is stretching. We used the stretching found in video 1, beginning at minute 6:15.  We also used the stretching found in video 2 at :45 seconds into the video. She was instructed to continue this stretch at home three times a day for the next week.

5.  Action plan.  There always has to be an action plan. The body goes awry for a reason. So we need to stop doing the things that cause the body to go awry. Since her sciatic pain was not caused by an injury, tumor, spinal problems or something like a disease, then she caused her body to go awry. Her action plan was to take it easy for a week to allow the inflammation in the body to recede. She was to continue her stretches three times a day to keep the muscles open allowing enough space for the sciatic nerve so it didn’t get pinched again. Lastly, she was to avoid foods and beverages that cause inflammation and pain. She made it a goal to quit sodas (diet or regular).

Sodas are known for robbing the muscles and bones of precious calcium and magnesium. Without these two precious minerals, muscles cannot flex and extend properly. Soda also causes the body to become acidic, disrupting the healthy pH of the body. So the body pulls even more calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid in order to restore healthy pH. This causes achy bones and joints.

Foods containing aspertame such as jello and other items that require no sugar are harmful to muscles and bones.

Water is a great source of calcium and magnesium. It keeps muscles staying fluid so they move easier.


She hopped off the massage table without her sister’s help. She immediately lifted her knee to her chest showing us her improved range of motion. She walked normally back to her car. She didn’t even need the hand rail when going down the steps of the deck. Needless to say, she was a very happy girl.

She reported that she was able to get a very long nap that afternoon. Days later she was still enjoying having her normal body back.

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  1. Fantastic Tiffany!
    I watched all three videos. Loved Dr. Sinatra’s video. Learned a lot from all three. I may utilize the piriformis Stretching massage for m’students in school.
    Didn’t realize that you are a Licensed Massage Therapist!

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