Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery with Young Living Essential Oil Products

Presented by Tiffany Rowan and Jihan Thomas

A. Cleansing and mineralizing to conceive
B. Tips for first, second and third trimester
C. Oils and nutrition for birth and creating your birth space.
D. Care for the first minutes and hours after baby is born.

There was so much great content that this seminar kept going and going till we cut if off at two hours and 24 minutes. For your convenience, I have divided the seminar up into four parts so you can peruse the notes of each section and just listen to the section you are interested in. In addition, you will find tips in the transcript that were not discussed in the seminar. Either the seminar got to be too long so we didn’t get to some of the things on the agenda or I decided to add these tips when I made this page, or added tips as I discovered them in the future.
The obligatory FDA disclaimer is at the beginning of the teleseminar so now that the seminar is broken up into four parts, the disclaimer is not found at the beginning of each segment. Please apply the disclaimer to each recorded segment. The contents of this seminar are for informational purposes, please do your research, pray about what oils are right for your pregnancy and birth, and Jihan and I hope you create a beautiful, sacred experience as another spirit joins your family.

A. Cleansing and mineralizing to conceive

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*Difference between an essential oil, perfume grade oil labeled as essential oil, and food flavorings labeled as essential oil.
*Seminar only applies to the Young Living brand of essential oils for purity and safety.
*FDA Disclaimer
*Timeless truths-Young Living brand essential oils will never be recalled. Their claims stood 5000 years ago and will still stand true 5000 years from now.
*FDA’s role is to check for claims on products and not to prove the safety of the product.
*Our desire for this call is to encourage you to tap into your innate wisdom.
*God has gifted to women the ability to create life. You may need to cleanse for that to happen.
Cleansing to Conceive
-Cleansing Trio
-Slique Kit
-5-Day Nutritive Cleanse
-Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs
*Proper mineralization
*Mindset to ‘know’ you can conceive-sort out information given to you from medical professionals. ‘Believe’ that you can conceive.
*Spiritual connection
Mineralization to Conceive
-Mineral Essence
-True Source
-Master Hers and Master His (MultiVitamins)
-Multi Greens
-Dark Leafy Greens, whole foods, fruits and vegetables
-Stay away from processed foods
-Exercise like a 5-minute walk
-Enzymes (Detoxzyme for cleansing)
*Toxic body: When your cells have a film of toxicity on the surface, they can not communicate correctly with each other, this can prevent you from getting pregnant.
-Petrochemical Weight Loss removes these toxins from the cell
-Dana Christisen conceived her youngest daughter after cleansing with the Master Cleanse.  Her two children are 13 years apart so cleansing her body helped her to conceive again.

B. First Trimester
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Nausea/Morning Sickness
-Peach Leaf Tea
-Eat frequently
-Ginger, -DiGize, -Peppermint
-Vomiting causes dehydration which cycles around more vomiting
*Jihan’s preeclampsia testimony
eat sea salt and protein (research on preeclampsia)
normalized  quickly and went full term.
Alkalime helped with her sodium needs.
-Listen to your body when it tells you it needs rest so it has the energy to develop the baby.
-Stress Away and Tranquil Roll Ons to reduce stress so you can fall asleep.
-Roman Chamomile
-Peace and Calming
Proper Nutrition
-Ningxia Red
-Master Hers
True Source
Omega Blues, Flax, Chia Seeds, Avocados
Super B
Folic Acid for development of nervous system during first trimester.
-Jihan took five at a time. B vitamins are water soluble so you will pee out what you don’t use.
-Eat often. Whole foods.
-Dark leafy greens for vegetarian protein needs.
-Wolfberries and Ningxia Red
soak them overnight and use them in your cereal the next day.
*If you don’t see a difference in energy when taking in more nutrition, you may need enzymes to open the cell so that the cell can take in the nutrition.
Essentialzyme 4 with meals and Detoxzyme between meals. (Click on this link to listen to Adam Green, fitness expert, describe the importance of enzymes and antioxidants.)
-Ningxia Red is a staple when you are a Young Living distributor.
Cheaper to drink two ounces of Ningxia Red than to eat a ba-jillion fruits, vegetables and nuts.
Click here to check out all the nutrients Ningxia Red contains.

C. Second Trimester and Jihan’s birth story

Fatigue-Obey your body’s signals to get rest
*Power Meal, Balance Complete, Ningxia Red are already predigested so your body can take it up easily.
*Up your minerals
-Super Cal, Mega Cal, Mineral Essence, Multi Greens
*Help to relax in order to fall asleep because stress can cause fatigue and pain
-Roll Ons like Stress Away and Tranquil and the oils of Roman Chamomile and Peace and Calming
Stretch Marks
-Tiffany put 1/2 bottle of Myrrh into 4 ounces of V-6 and used nightly. Not only did she not get any new stretch marks from her seventh pregnancy, but she shrunk and faded the stretch marks from the first six pregnancies.
-relieved the itching from stretching the skin too.
-Various mothers have used Myrrh, Gentle Baby, Lavender, Frankincense, Tender Tush
link to mother of twins testimony here.
Jihan used shea butter and coconut oil and Tender Tush for her itching belly.
Prepare your birth plan.
-Hospital classes are not complete birth classes.
-Bradley method.
-Explore a Doula.
-Interview a Midwife.
-La Leche League
*create your support system
-who is going to take care of your home and/or your younger children while you are recovering so that you can bond with the baby and build his/her immune system.
*Having a baby is a sacred experience not a medical procedure.
-listen to your innate wisdom of knowing the right thing to do for your baby.
*(Just before the midway mark) Jihan tells her son’s birth story of how he died once the cord was cut and how she saved his life with essential oils
-stopped breathing and resuscitated in the ambulance
-she arrived at the hospital to find him on life support, he was hemorrhaging from every orifice
-they wanted to read him his last rights.
-told he was going to die.
-told he had brain damage and needed to be transferred to another hospital.
-Jihan was in a zone. She did not want family and friends around whose fears would keep her from staying in the zone because she knew it would create a losing battle.
-She was able to stay strong for her son after birth because she had Ningxia Red, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Valor
-Xray found his chest was full of blood and he was not getting oxygen.
-While he was on life support, she anointed him with frankincense, helichrysum, lavender, she put her hand on his chest and prayed out loud. She told her son, “I chose you and you chose me. You are totally fine. Don’t listen to them.”
-”It was almost like we were in a vacuum. Me, God and my son.” She kept positive thoughts.
-Kept X-raying him and were able to see his lungs and heart. Every X-ray after that came back fine.
-Specialists said there was nothing wrong with him.
-She used the Bengston technique
-Helichrysum for hemorrhaging.
-He wasn’t getting oxygen so she used Frankincense because it doesn’t require the lungs to deliver oxygen.
-She used her intuition to be in tune with what he needed.
-He is a medical miracle.
-He is 20 months old today and only suffers from allergies and rashes. (related to medical professionals injuring his lungs and liver.)
-Recent testimony of him having an allergic reaction
-He gets lots of coconut oil today.
-Whole foods and not processed friends.
*We can only endorse Young Living Essential Oils for life and death situations like this!
-Helichrysum is a hemostat-it stops bleeding
-Lavender is a natural anti-histamine.
-Jihan gives gratitude to God, doctors and nurses, but mostly to Dr. Gary Young because her son would not be alive if it weren’t for Dr. Young.

D. Third Trimester and Tiffany’s birth story

-Vitamin C, Young Living’s product is Super C
-Therapeutic doses of Vitamin C (2000 to 4000 mg) create bowel intolerance which loosens the bowels.
-Water soluble, so what you don’t use you will pee out.
-Is an antioxidant when formulated properly.
*Ningxia Red at 4-6 ounces at a time can be used for constipation per Dr. Young
* Super Cal for the colon muscle itself.
*OrthoEase abdominal massage in the direction of the colon.
-Essentialzyme 4 to break food down even smaller so that it slides through intestines.
-Peppermint, Ginger, DiGize, Alkalime
-Jihan’s testimony of using Alkalime for indigestion.
-Neutralize acids with a base. The calcium in Alkalime neutralizes acid.
-1/2 teaspoon in water and she was DONE with indigestion.
-Dr. Mary Starr recommends a teaspoon of Alkalime before bed.
-If new to capsules, put two drops of essential oil in a capsule and fill the rest of the capsule with a carrier oil like Olive oil or V6.
-Muscle Tension related-Deep Relief, AromaSeiz, PanAway
-Hormone Related – Progessence Plus
-Listen to your innate wisdom of how much to use and where to use it.
-Use frankincense when in doubt.
Sore/Tender Breasts
-Progessence Plus
-Diluted Citrus Fresh
-Muscle Related-use Marjoram
*Muscle Aches and Pains
-Chiropractic Adjustments with Valor
-Pinched Nerves
-Give essential oils to your massage therapist to massage your lower back, hips and legs with.
-Here is Tiffany’s sciatica protocol with copaiba and clove.
-Deep Relief, Aroma Seiz, PanAway, Valor
-Increase minerals
-Raindrop Technique for sciatica and pregnancy pains.
Breech Baby
-Midwife technique to flip the baby
-Your gestation time is based on your body’s menstrual clock so since I had 35 days between periods, it is normal for me to have 41 week gestation pregnancies.

-Peppermint testimony  Lucy Foster used peppermint in a rainbow pattern across her belly to turn her baby.
Perineum massage
-Jihan’s advice for not pushing when the crown is causing the cervix to sting.
-Click this link for a detailed tutorial of how to do a perineum massage.
Birth Plan
-Alfalfa Pills to reduce hemorrhaging.
-Jihan used one pound of epson salts, one pound of sea salts, and one pound of baking soda to soak in for a bath.
-Essential Oil Birth Kit
-Jihan used Valor, Peppermint, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Gentle Baby, Surrender, Harmony, Forgiveness, Highest Potential, Magnify Your Purpose, Peace and Calming.
-Always keep them on hand at the birth location so you don’t have to leave the space to look for the oil.
Gestational Diabetes
-Ocotea 2-6 drops under the tongue.
-Other blood sugar oils are cinnamon bark and cassia.
-Other diabetes oils are dill and coriander.
-Preeclampsia-good quality sea salt and good protein.
Contraindications- Jihan spoke to Dr. Young directly who said not to use Clary Sage in copious amounts.

She has since learned first hand that Wintergreen in copious amounts is contraindicated.
Preparing the Birth Space
-low lighting
-items that you connect with, Jihan used crystals, Tiffany just needed her husband.
-invite the spiritual experience you desire because you are preparing for a spirit to join your family. You do not want a white, sterile hospital room.
-birthing tub
Oils for fathers, adoptive parents, teenage mothers, etc.
-Grounding, Believe, Acceptance, Surrender, Valor, Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce, Clarity, Peace and Calming, Harmony
*Thinking of all emotions involved in the pregnancy and all the people involved. Choose oils that soothe the emotions for adoptive parents, a teenage pregnant mother, conceiving out of wedlock, breaking your religious purity beliefs, etc.
-Forgiveness, Release, Harmony
-Oils do not do you any good if you don’t have them on hand.
-Order your oils by the 7th month so that they are on hand in case of a premature baby.
-Place $200 a month orders every month if necessary to have everything you need in time.
-Dr. Young had multiple bottles of Helichrysum that saved his son’s life when the dog bit him in the jugular vein of his neck. Have your oils on hand!!!
-Ningxia Red, raw honey, orange juice…energy foods!
-Giving birth is equal to running a marathon so restore the mother’s energy with good nutrition.
Energy shakes related to muscle fatigue and hormone hell.
-Valor hold with Ginger oil to stop hormone related shakes.
-She will be cold, in pain, and violently shake. Give the mother your energy with the Valor hold and warm her with Ginger oil on your hands.
-Enzymes, electrolytes, Valor on feet and spine, Trauma Life, minerals.
Post Delivery Baby
-anoint with frankincense, welcome the baby to the world and to your family.
- Post Delivery Mom additional input
-Progessence Plus for hormone crash.
-check the side effects of your pharmaceuticals to check for depression, sleepiness, etc.
-Tiffany used JuvaCleanse by capsule to cleanse the prescription drugs out of her liver that were causing her post-partum depression.
Oils for stinging bottom, perineum, cervix, vagina,

Gentle Baby mixed with V-6™ is great for helping the elasticity of the perineum and prevented any tearing or episiotomy during all three of my deliveries. Unknown

Spritzer to heal bottom
After birth, I put several drops of Panaway, lavender, and Relieve It in a squirt bottle to rinse off my bottom. Every time I go to the bathroom, I rinse with that— I had bad tears from delivery and healed within a week!! —Unknown

Claraderm to tone the perineum before and after. I did not tear at all, and I delivered a 7 lb, 13 oz. baby. —Unknown

-Tiffany used 1/2 bottle of Bath Gel Base with 1/2 bottle of lavender to soothe her bottom, clean the blood off, and clean the afterbirth off the baby.

*C-section cut and scar.
-Tiffany dripped Melrose, Myrrh and Frankincense, Helichrysum directly into her C-section wound.
-Copaiba for Cesearan scars, surgical scars, keloid scars, old scars.
*Myrrh on umbilical cord to dry it up in a few days instead of a week. Prevents infection too.

-Tiffany also anoints her babies with frankincense.
-Include husbands in birth plan. Tiffany’s husband wanted to be the one to cut the cord and anoint the baby.

Prepare breasts for breastfeeding.
-Diluted clove oil to remove the toxins from underwire bras and padded bras that clog ducts and keep milk from coming out.
-Petrochemical Weight Loss also breaks down metals in breasts.
-Fennel to increase milk supply.
“While I was pumping for my daughter my milk supply started to dip. I took a drop or 2 (whatever came out of the bottle) on a spoonful of honey twice a day and increased my milk output by 1 ounce just after the first day.” –Oily Mom Facebook page.

-Read your formula labels. MSG causes seizures, contains metals and propylene glycol. This is not food for anyone.
-Use goatmilk when you can.

Tiffany’s birth story – Contraindication of using Clary Sage in copious amounts which induced Placental Abruption which means that the baby is drowning in the mother’s blood.
-Because Young Living oils are pure doesn’t mean they are always safe to use.
-Essential oils have pharmacological properties.
-Pharmaceutical companies isolate these pharmacological properties and synthesize them into drugs.
-75% of drugs are plant based.
-Just because Young Living oils are pure does not mean you can stop them from having their pharmacological effects on the cell.
-Textbook pregnancy with my seventh child. She was born at 41 weeks.
-Water broke at 7:30 pm.
-Nothing happened for hours. Same thing happened with fifth and sixth child too. So I went to bed.
-Woke up after 2 p.m. Prayed and listened to Holy Ghost to know that something was wrong, not just my fear.
-I took the wrong advice about starting labor with Clary Sage without checking the accuracy of the advice.
-Clary Sage is an estrogenic-like oil. It does not contain estrogen, but acts like estrogen on the cell.

There is a caution mentioned in the EODR. “Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy because they contain biochemicals that could disrupt normal pregnancy development in a variety of ways. For this reason they should be avoided by pregnant women until after delivery. These include: basil, calamus, Clary sage, fennel. hyssop, nutmeg, rosemary, sage, tansy, tarragon. Some of these oils, such as fennel, may help to accelerate labor once it has begun. Always consult a health professional before using essential oils other than the ones recommended here during pregnancy.”

-Progesterone is needed to carry a baby to term.
-Clary Sage in copious amounts is an emmenagogue which means it induces bleeding.
-One professional said that Clary Sage breaks the placenta from the uterus. This is what happened to me.
-I wake up my husband and we head to the hospital.
-We are put on a monitor right away and the entire time we are on the monitor we know that something is wrong.
-An hour later, the Surgeon is now involved. After more tests, he tells me to prepare for a C-Section.
-I was taking 10 drops of Clary Sage every ten minutes to attempt to induce labor so I could have a vaginal birth instead of C-Section. I caused a placental abruption and my uterus is now filling with blood and my baby is drowning in my blood. I don’t know this is happening yet.
-Since I was going to have a C-Section, I did not want to suffer the long-term effects of an epidural on the spine so I put 15-20 drops of Helichrysum on my back to prevent the effects before they even started.
-After three epidurals later, I still am not numb.
-I tell the nurses I am soaking the lammie on the table. The nurses try to assure me that it is okay because it is just amniotic fluid even though I reminded them I came into the hospital with no fluid and they gave me two boluses of fluid by I.V.
-When I changed positions from sitting on the edge of the table to laying down on the table, blood gushes all over the floor.
-Doctors, surgeons, and nurses are now in a hurry talking in code.
-I am given a drug to prevent me from remembering the pain of being cut into.
-My husband is video taping my daughter being born dead and being resuscitated.
-I am awakened an hour later, and my daughter is brought to me. She was purple with grey lips.
-The nurse explained her color that she needed to be resuscitated.
-I heard hours later what placental abruption is. It not only drowns the baby in the mother’s blood, but many times it kills the mother too because it is the mother who is hemorrhaging.
-Clary Sage should only be used when you are already in labor.
-Only a couple of drops of needed.
Read Penny LeClair’s testimony here of how she used one capsule of Clary Sage to induce labor and went from 4cm to 10 cm fast.
(At this point Tiffany switches phones so the recording is edited to amplify the sound.)
-Dr. Young only used one capsule of Clary Sage to help his wife, Mary, progress from 5 cm to 10 cm in 23 minutes because she was already in labor.
-I should have considered Dr. Young’s story in my homework search.
-The good news in this story is that I had a hemostat, helichrysum, already on my back so I bled less, which means that my daughter drowned in less blood, and she was able to be resuscitated.
-I was able to keep her from dying again by using diluted Myrrh on her chest and belly to move out the remaining blood and mucus. It is also good for muscle support, pain, and C-Section pains.
-I’m glad I listened to the Holy Ghost to go to the hospital in time.
-I’m grateful I had those oils on hand.
-I’m grateful God spared our lives.
-In recovery, the needle came out of my epidural. I don’t know how many hours I had been without a pain killer because I wasn’t suffering pain because I was taking Vetiver and Valarian essential oils by capsule. I kept rubbing diluted Myrrh on my legs and was able to get the pharmaceuticals out of my body so that I could walk again 12 hours after a C-Section.
Alexandria today at three years old with Tiffany. Two miracles alive today because of the integrity of Dr. Gary Young who only produces pure essential oils.

Q and A Session:
Q: Is Thieves contraindicated in pregnancy?
A: Two to three drops topically every few hours is safe.
Two to three drops by capsule every few hours is safe.
Thieves contains clove which is a blood thinner so you don’t want to take copious amounts by capsule.

You can reach Jihan Thomas at TriHarmony Success.