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Fibromyalgia: Not for those easily offended. I tell my story of sexual abuse. How my body began to change as my line of thinking changed when supporting my daughter through her experience of being molested. I give the science of how doing a physical and spiritual cleanse reverses any condition, disease or syndrome.91 minutes
How to make your own Essential Oil First Aid Kits: This teleseminar got very graphic discussing a few accidents that thankfully had happy oily endings. Learn the staples every first aid kit should have. You’ll learn how to make a first aid kit to take with you on vacation, to send with your child at day camp, what to pack in your diaper bag, and what your home and car first aid kits should contain.76 minutes
Skin Firming Regimen: Warning, Graphic Photos. I not only firmed my skin, but I firmed up my bladder, cleaned out blemishes from my skin, and my organs seemed to all relax and give each other space which increased my comfort level, and my cesarean scar disappeared.70 minutes
Petrochemical Weight Loss With Essential Oils: This is the biggest event of the summer. Your body encapsulates toxins in your fat cells to keep those toxins away from your heart, lungs and brain. Every year you store more and more toxins in your cells making you fatter and fatter.The good news is that citrus essential oils digest fat and toxins and you can lose a ton of weight very quickly. When you get the toxins out, you find amazing results with normal periods, conceiving children, and men getting erections.72 minutes
How to Build Your Immune System With Essential Oils BEFORE the Cold And Flu Season Hits: Use the 90 days before December when the Flu hits the strongest to fortify your immune system with essential oils so that you don’t even catch the flu.Learn how the immune system works and how the flu shot actually bypasses the immune system’s natural defenses. Learn how you can get the flu from the flu shot and a bunch of other things you really don’t want to know about but you need to know about.61 minutes
Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery with Young Living Essential Oil Products  Tiffany hosts Jihan Thomas for this well-received informative seminar. From conceiving, and tips for each trimester, to restoring your energy after birth. Tiffany and Jihan both describe how they used Young Living essential oils to keep their babies alive when they died at the birth scene. Learn the contraindications of Clary Sage when pregnant.2 hours, 24 minutes, broken up into four segments.
Hormones: Male and Female
Tiffany Rowan’s summarized notes full of PDFs and charts from Dr. Dan Purser’s Hormone Intensive Event hosted by Pamela Hunter in Naperville, Illinois, September 29th, 2012.
How to Grow Your Young Living Business using Facebook
Learn how to give your followers the solutions they are looking for instead of shooting yourself in the foot by giving them sales pitches. Watch your business explode as you listen to your followers.
Print off the free PDF as my gift to you.
We are bringing a whole new awareness to Autism Awareness Day– an awareness that your hope, prayers, tears and research is not in vain. We are sharing success stories of how children are coming out of the haze of Autism. We also share the science behind how the body was designed to heal itself.